Philatelic Glossary English - Chinese 462 terms
diamond stamp 菱形郵票
dispatch list 寄信清單
double cancellation 複蓋
Empress Dowager Birthday Commemorative Surcharge 慈禧壽辰加蓋改値郵票
envelope 信封
Expertizing Service 鑑定服務
Express Letter Stamp 加緊信件(快信)票
express mail 快遞
Express Mail Service (EMS) 國際快捷郵件
express stamp 快遞郵票
face value – vt denomination
fake (forgery), 偽造品
Fédération Internationale de Philatélie (FIP) 國際集郵聯合會
field post stamp – vt military stamp
Fine (F) 佳品
First Day Cover (FDC) 首日封
First Flight Cover (FFC) 首航封
first issue 第一版
First Issue Postcard 大清一次片
Foochow Bisect 福州對剖票封
foreign expo cover 外展封
forgery – vt fake
Fourth Issue Postcard 大清四次片
Good (G) 良品
Guest Post 客郵局
gum 背膠
hinged 背貼
hologram stamp – vt holographic stamp
holographic stamp (hologram stamp), 立體郵票
Hong Kong Post 香港郵政
horizontal pair 橫雙連
horizontal strip 橫條連
horizontal strip of X X枚橫條連
hurricane stamp 颶風票
imperforate 無齒票
Imperial Chinese Post (ICP) (Imperial Post Office), 大清郵政局
Imperial Post Office – vt Imperial Chinese Post (ICP)
indemnity 補償金
inquiry 查詢
Inspector General of Posts 總郵政司
Inspectorate General of Posts 總郵政司公署
insured mail 保價郵件
international aerogram (international aerogramme), 國際航空郵簡
international aerogramme – vt international aerogram
inverted cancellation 倒蓋
inverted watermark 倒水印
Last Day Cover (LDC) 尾日封
letter 信函
letter box 信箱
Lithographed Coiling Dragon 石印蟠龍
Local Post 商埠郵局
magnifier 放大鏡
mail 郵件
mail bag 郵袋
mailed cover 貴寄封
Mailing Receipt for Registered Article – 1) 掛號(發信)執據
2) 掛號(發信)執據
margin block 帶邊方連
marginal inscription 版銘
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