Philatelic Glossary English - Chinese 462 terms
cachet 戳記
cancelled stamp (used stamp), 蓋銷票, 信銷票
Cancelled To Order (CTO) 銷蓋票
Candarin of Silver 銀兩
Cash Cover (Prepaid Cover), 付現封
catalog 目錄
charity stamp – vt semi-postal stamp
China Post – vt State Postal Bureau of China
Chinese zodiac stamp 生肖郵票
Chunghwa Post. Co., Ltd. 中華郵政股份有限公司
circulation (circulation volume), 發行量
circulation volume – vt circulation
coil stamp 捲筒郵票
Coiling Dragon 蟠龍郵票
collectible 收藏品
collection 收藏
collector 收藏家
Combination Cover 混合封
commemorative booklet 紀念小冊
commemorative cover (commemorative envelope), 紀念封
commemorative envelope – vt commemorative cover
commemorative postmark 紀念郵戳
commemorative stamp 紀念郵票
complete set 全套
condition 品相
cover , 信封
cover (postally used) 實寄封
cross block 十字方連
customs duty 關稅
Customs Large Dragon 海關大龍
Customs Official Mail 海關公函
Customs Post 海關郵局
Customs Small Dragon 海關小龍
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