Philatelic Glossary English - Chinese 462 terms
address 地址
addressee 收件人
aerogram (aerogramme), 航空郵簡
aerogramme – vt aerogram
aerophilately 航空集郵
air parcel 航空包裹
airmail 航空郵件
airmail stamp 航空郵票
American International Philatelic Exhibition (Ameripex) 美國國際郵展
American Philatelic Society 美國集郵協會
American Topical Association 美國專題郵會
annual stamp album 年度郵票冊
auction 拍賣
basic stamp 基數郵票
Bilingual Paid Mark 英漢已付信資戳
bisect 對剖郵票
block 方連
Block of Four 四方連
Block of Six 六方連
bogus 鐿造品
bogus stamp 膺票
cachet 戳記
cancelled stamp (used stamp), 蓋銷票
Cancelled To Order (CTO) 銷蓋票
Candarin of Silver 銀兩
Cash Cover (Prepaid Cover), 付現封
catalog 目錄
charity stamp – vt semi-postal stamp
China Post – vt State Postal Bureau of China
Chinese zodiac stamp 生肖郵票
Chunghwa Post. Co., Ltd. 中華郵政股份有限公司
circulation (circulation volume), 發行量
circulation volume – vt circulation
coil stamp 捲筒郵票
Coiling Dragon 蟠龍郵票
collectible 收藏品
collection 收藏
collector 收藏家
Combination Cover 混合封
commemorative booklet 紀念小冊
commemorative cover (commemorative envelope), 紀念封
commemorative envelope – vt commemorative cover
commemorative postmark 紀念郵戳
commemorative stamp 紀念郵票
complete set 全套
condition 品相
cover (postally used) 實寄封
cross block 十字方連
customs duty 關稅
Customs Large Dragon 海關大龍
Customs Official Mail 海關公函
Customs Post 海關郵局
Customs Small Dragon 海關小龍
date of issue 發行日期
definitive stamp (regular issue), 常用郵票
Delivery Receipt for Registered Article (掛號)收信執據
delivery time 送達時間
denomination (face value), 面值
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