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Configure concept and term attributes
Concept comments
Concept and Term comments
Bookmark concepts
Concept relations
Term relations
Termbase detailed access configuration
Concept history
Term history
2 level deleting
Lock concept
Seperate domain
Domain settings, logs, sessions
SOAP integration API
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  • Detailed access configuration, Configure different access for each termbase and group combination
  • Import data in TBX, XLIFF and CSV formats
  • Export data in TBX, CSV, XSL, HTML formats
  • Conceptual model: add multiple terms and definitions into one concept
  • Dictionary view of termbase
  • Grid view of all terms
  • Quick search of terms
  • Detailed search in termbase based on term's and concept's attributes and languages
  • Relations between terms: reference, homonym, paronym
  • Relations between concepts: reference, antonym, hyponym, hyperonym, meronym, holonym
  • Predefine subjects and sources and translate them into the user interface languages
  • Configurable attributes at term and concept level
  • Add comments to terms and concepts
  • History of term's and concept's changes. See every version and changed information.
  • 2 level deleting terms and concepts: "Delete" moves item into recycle bin, "Erase" removes deleted items completely
  • Lock concepts for editing
  • Bookmark concepts
  • Personalized user interface, drag and drop, hide panels
  • Admin panel for settings, logs and active sessions
  • SOAP API for external systems integrations
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